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Friday, September 7, 2018

Describing your why ?

Yarn by Destiny

Yarn by Destiny

- When you see and touch that luxurious fleece - over and over again
- When you use the word scintillating to describe suri yarn your herd produced
- When you can't stop looking at and feeling your harvest
- When you can't wait to wear some of your alpaca wear
- When you can't wait to share some of your alpaca wear
- When you are utterly impressed by the creative items that can be produced
- When you are ecstatic over a confirmed pregnancy after many attempts
- When you rejoice over every newborn baby
- When you water in blazing heat or trudge through mud, snow, wind & rain for their care
- When you cancel concerts and special events to feed a struggling newborn
- When go to great lengths for good hay
- When you work extra to feed your fleece family
- When you will sell treasures to pay a vet bill
- When you spend countless time, energy and resources to serve and host special ranch events
- When you are up till the wee hours of the night "crafting"
- When you spread a fleece or project across the dining room table
- When your house is packed with all kinds of alpaca related things
- When you buy nearly any alpaca merchandise you see ie; table runners to toilet brush holders
- When you set your alarm for every one to two hours around the clock to bottle feed
- When you have a bad day and find comfort in their soft hum or silly antics
- When you mourn so painfully deep over their injury or loss that you can hardly breathe
- When you spend countless hours searching for that special alpaca
- When you spend your vacation days traveling the country to shows
- When you have to watch your conversation in public because you realize it sounds inappropriate
- When you exercise muscles you didn't know you had on shearing day & get up early to do more
- When you have a phone full of pictures & videos of your fleece faces, including alpaca porn
- When you speak alpaca and are happy when others speak alpaca
- When you are happy when someone else joins the herd whether people or alpaca
- When they are all your favorites
- When you have seller's remorse with nearly every sale
- When you get doused by bodily fluids, kicked, jumped, stomped and you carry on
- When you get a black eye, broken bones, abrasions, bumps and barely remember how
- When you have barn hair and you don't care
- When you use words to describe them as "soul soothers"
- When you claim to live at the happiest pasture on earth
- When you can hardly describe the feeling you get when you hug or better yet, get greeted by a
nose kiss
Pacas are your passion
barn hair don't care

barn hair don't care