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Faith and Fleece Alpacas

Contact us for an alpaca experience today. [805-657-2445] We are breeders of both suri & huacaya alpacas. We aim for quality fleece and conformation in offspring that surpass prior generations. Our emphasis is on the rare greys. Call and/or schedule a visit. We truly love talking alpaca.

Faith and Fleece Alpacas - come see why we love alpaca!

GLR Armani offspring

We started with a passion for animals with thoughts of possibly raising some type for business when we happened across our first alpaca purchase. It was basically love at first hum. The thought of raising something that could increase in population in the US and produce a "natural" product, without harm to animal, was an added appeal. Thus the beginning of our God-given alpaca adventure that has truly evolved at a record pace. We made a move to Ventura County to join ventures on 25 acres so we could expand the herd in both suri and huacaya alpacas.

People in this industry have been working hard at keeping the vision of an upward fleece market here in the U.S. - Success for commercial processing will not only come from increasing production, but also quality of stock/fleece characteristics. We participate in shows, seminars & various networking along with EPD and herd evaluations to continue learning and make discerning breeding choices to help this luxurious fiber reach it's maximum potential. We recently received the Top Ten National High Point medium suri farm award from Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. We also now have some home-grown champions to offer for breeding services. All the while we have found joy in the journey. Some of that joy is derived from the breath of a newborn cria, while most of our joy comes from the people we meet and get to know along the way.

Many that started their herds here have moved out of state. So we are shifting gears slightly in partnering with the Good Shepherd Alpaca Sanctuary, a non-profit in hopes to be able to not only keep alpacas here in Southern California but provide an environment to others for learning, healing and various modes of natural therapy. Here on the ranch we host learning space for Ventura College Vet Tech Program, with instructors and a team of students that come to learn how to handle alpacas, do blood draws, give vaccinations, etc. We host a 4H alpaca project. We also have weekly visits from Villa Esparanza Services, a group with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who come to work, play games, sing, do art and other activities. We also have been blessed by Valor Healing farms with numerous veterans that have suffered travesties not just defending our country abroad, but on our own soil. They come to interact with alpacas, or assist in chores of ranching and we hope it helps them find peace in a broken and sometimes chaotic world.

Our ranch is not open to the public but contact us about visiting if you are interested in talking alpaca. We encourage you to come use your senses of sight, touch and hearing. (Nothing like the peaceful hum of this wonderful creation) Aspire to be a full-time fiber farmer and see if they capture your heart like they have ours.