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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Keep Calm and Start an Alpaca Farm

Here I go again (I am thinking if I re-read blog guidelines, I am at minimum doing a dis-service to alpaca blogging) writing not useful, alpaca information, but here I go, once again giving example of what not to do. Sharing our inept ways, in hopes you will find humor in the day to day, excuse pun, hum drums of our alpaca adventure.

Using the saying "keep calm & start an alpaca farm" to seguay into a funny story. Let's for sake of embarrassment say an undisclosed person in household was home sick from work this week & was cooking, & sets off fire alarm. Another person in household was busy at work so didn't answer cell phone call & the alarm company dispatched the fire dept. The fire chief that responds to call, chats and stays awhile & eventually says "my wife & I have been wanting to buy alpacas do you have a business card" lol

One wonders what would happen if we intentionally tried to come up with creative ways to promote alpaca.
Our daughter who has a dog rescue, because dozens of dogs always seem to find her, inspired me to buy a her license frame that says "mutt magnet." We may have to put some thought into a catchy phrase to promote alpaca. Especially considering one time in transport, in our vehicle and trailer with no advertisement whatsoever, people waved us down so we'd pull over on freeway & they ended up buying the trailer full of alpacas. Need some ideas, something short and to the point, a long the lines of alpaca aholics but one that may entice someone to join the fiber fun, not promote the addiction aspect. Hmm, Brings to mind the saying that herd is different than hoard..

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