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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dream a Little Drone for Me

Although my pile of paper work and time spent in front of a computer sometimes seems to drone on and on -with some of the drone talk coupled with our capabilities of a science lab on Mars, I got thinking about what it would be like to have a drone or remote control activated devices with cameras. If/when they become affordable for use on a farm. Hence the title, Dream a Little Drone for Me...

A drone/robot type device with camera could zoom in check feed & waterers - see if an alpaca is in labor, see if milk is being produced, follow up on an eye or other type of injury.

Then science part could, take water & soil samples and analyze, gather samples; a fecal, a fleece, a blood sample & then analyze it. Maybe even take an alpaca temperature (little stretch here) Send all the info on to us, or even the pharmacy, the feed store... Any how, I have only begun to imagine the possiblities. Raking & disposing, shearing & sorting all my unmatched socks LOL. Just some random thoughts - At some point when things become more feasible, maybe others could provide feedback with ideas you would like or find the most useful.

For the creative design people - what would yours look like? Mine may be a miniature alpaca covered with real fleece maybe a rare appaloosa - female of course - oh and powered by cell phone...